About the Owner of Hair Humectant

Brittney Hill, the owner of Hair Humectant has been a hair enthusiast since, she was a little girl, but it was not until 2011 that she took her interest seriously and began to research the science on how the hair works and why it responds to different products the way it does ("what products should I use"). Brittney is not a cosmetologist, nor is she a cosmetic chemist, but she has had mentors help her along the way in her research, along with scholarly reviewed articles to provide the best value to helping people.

Brittney created Hair Humectant to provide solutions for: hair breakage, lack of moisture retention, dryness of scalp, length retention, and the lack of education.  

Brittney has learned how the hair is affected from internal and external environments, such as diets, changes in the season, health, and manipulation of hair styles.


Hair Humectant serves as a platform to empower women of all backgrounds.