How I Grew My Hair Long

How I Grew My Hair Long



Many of you have been asking about the secret to growing my hair long, and I am sharing my secret with you in this post.

Hair Growth Oil

I used my very own hair care product to grow my hair long. I consistently used Hair Humectant's Honey Gold Oil consistently through out the year on my hair and scalp to promote hair growth and length retention. 


I apply the Honey Gold Oil to my scalp every night and massage it in when I am wearing my hair in it's natural state. I also apply it around my edges and the ends of my hair. 

Honey Gold Oil contains healing properties that natural remove some of the harmful bacteria on your scalp that is preventing your scalp to maintain healthy conditions for your hair. Some of those bacteria cause inflammation on the scalp and around the edges to wear the hair sheds and becomes bald.  

Honey Gold Oil also contains humectants that draw in moisture from the environment to help combat dryness on the scalp and hair. 


Hair Care Regimen 


The second part is a consistent hair care regimen that works for your hair. A hair care regimen will allow you to get to know your hair what what it likes and what it doesn't like. Once you find what your hair likes, you will from a personal relationship with your hair and you will be able to look at products from a distance and know if your hair will like a product or not.


Hair Maintenance

The last part that I want to share with you is how you style your hair and when you style your hair. depending on the texture and condition of your hair you want to be care on the techniques you use when brushing, combing, manipulating your hair.  For example, I always wash my hair in the running water  with the direction of my hair going backwards. The longer my hair has gotten the more tangled it would get if I washed my hair over the sink. 

When detangling my hair I use a shower paddle brush and apply conditioner on my hair that makes it super slippery and soft then I detangle under the shower head. This allows my hair to be flexible and the hair strands to loosen up when I brush through my hair. 


if your hair is dry and you attempt to detangle, it could rip the ends of your hair.


Hair Styling

How you style your hair can cause brushing against rough clothing, bending(your hair needs flexibility when styling) and popping of the hair strands. If you style your hair, wear a style that you can wear during the week without touching your hair. 


What You Eat

Eating nutrients to benefit the health of your hair can add on the nutrients and complexity of the hair make-up. Vitamins help, water helps, and vegetables. #commisionearned


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