Our Honey Gold Oil has a newer look and improved formula for better haircare.


What is Hair Humectant

Hair Humectant is a beauty brand that supports women of different cultures show off their beauty using their natural hair. Hair Humectant also provides education and beauty tips for women seeking to learn how to properly manage their hair.

  • Transparency

    We be believe in being transparent with our community and customers, because Hair Humectant was built to provide a solution, not create one. Our transparency is important in what we put in our ingredients, what we pour into the community, and where we are headed.

  • Sustainability

    Hair Humectant is big on reducing the carbon foot print. That is why Hair humectant is continually sourcing better cultivated ingredients for our products. From the product itself and packaging.

  • Innovative

    We are always looking for fresh ways to reach new people, and make an impact on the planet. 

  • Community - Empowerment/Encouragement

    Hair Humectant is big on family, and we are always looking to grow beyond our borders. We don't know everything, and would like to learn and hear your stories. We do not tolerate bullying, insults, discouraging comments, or unfriendly debates.

  • Gina Tisdale

    Purchased the Honey Gold Oil.

    "The dropper is super helpful to get under my braids, it also stopped the itchies immediately"

  • Kyndal Elam

    Purchased Our 3-in-1 Moisture Leave In

    "It smells good and makes my hair soft and smoothe. I use it before Install weaves"

  • Kathy Smiley

    Purchased Our Honey Gold Oil

    "I put it around the edges of my hair and I can tell the difference"

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